REC 18-01

PORTS EM SSAB Priorities for President's 2019 Budget Request Pending

REC 17-01

PORTS EM SSAB priorities for President's 2019 Budget RequestDOE Response

REC 16-02

PORTS EM SSAB priorities for President's 2018 Budget RequestDOE Response

REC 16-01

PORTS EM SSAB priorities are for continued efforts by DOE to accelerate the D&D project at the siteDOE Response

REC 15-01

Community Investment Provisions for all Future Site Related Contracts and Subcontracts at Piketon DOE Response

REC 15-02

Reindustrialization and Asset Recovery Supports Community ImpactDOE Response

REC 15-04

PORTS EM SSAB Recommends DOE Develop a Plan and Funding Profile for PORTS D&D ProjectDOE Response

REC 15-05

PORTS EM SSAB Recommends modification to Waste Disposition Record of Decision (ROD)DOE Response


Support Letter to Mr. Mark WhitneyDOE Response

REC 14-01

PORTS EM SSAB Continued Support of Asset RecoveryDOE Response

Budget Letter to Senior Advisor Huizenga

Invitation Letter to Senior Advisor HuizengaDOE Response

REC 13-01

The PORTS EM SSAB fully endorses a lifting of the DOE suspension of non-contaminated scrap metals
from radiological
areas at DOE facilities, including the PGDPDOE Response

Letter to the Honorable Stephen ChuDOE Response

REC 13-02

PORTS EM SSAB Input Regarding Waste Disposition for the D&D Project at the PGDPDOE Response

REC 13-03

PORTS EM SSAB Requests DOE Coordinate the Development and Promotion of Traveling Displays to
Educate Citizens on Plant History
DOE Response

REC 13-04

PORTS EM SSAB Input Providing Specific Guidance in the Creation of a Final Land Use Plan for the Entire
PORTS Reservation that Incorportates Green Space, Aesthetics, and Future Reuse into the Entire
PORTS Reservation.

REC 12-01

SSAB Support for Enchanced Recycling EffortsDOE Response

REC 12-03

PORTS EM SSAB Waste Disposition Alternative for the D&D Project at the PGDPPending

REC 11-01

Site Criteria for a Potential CERCLA CellDOE Response

REC 11-02

The Construction of a Multi-Purpose Facility for DOE and Community NeedsDOE Response

REC 11-02A

Addendum to the Orginial Recommendation 11-02DOE Response

REC 11-06

Recommendation on Continued Investigation of a Potential On-Site Disposal Cell and Location DOE Response

REC 10-01

Request for an End Use Study for the PGDPDOE Response

REC 10-02

Recommends Integrating the Community's Core Values and Long-Term Goals for Economic DevelopmentDOE Response

REC 10-03

Proposed Request for a comprehensive Engineering Evaluation for Constructing an asset Recovery
Facility at the PORTS Reservation for Recycling Metals from D&D using a melting/smelting Process

DOE Response

REC 10-04

Recommends that a meeting be held with official representatives of all counties, cities, villages, and
townships within the five county areas of Adams, Jackson, Pike, Ross, and Scioto to discuss the current
D&D activities and future land use possibilities to help ensure that constructive public comments
are obtained
DOE Response

REC 10-05

PORTS Site Tour and Development of Educational/Informative MaterialsPending

REC 10-06

Waste Disposition of Process Building D&D Project ActivitiesDOE Response

REC 9-01

Proposed Request for Community Investment Provisions in the PORTS D&DDOE Response

REC 9-02

Opposition to Interim Spent Nuclear Fuel StorageDOE Response

REC 9-03

Accelerated D&D at the Portsmouth SiteDOE Response




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